Family Magic Shows & Magical Birthday Party Packages

  • Adult, children and family magic shows available.
  • High-energy magic show filled with laughter color & mystery.
  • Clean family fun & age appropriate with live rabbit tricks.
  • Lots of audience participation & interaction!
  • Your child or guest of honor becomes the star of the magic show.
  • 30-minute magic how to 1 full hour or can be customized to fit your needs.

Discounted rates for multiple hours or combination of services. Email or call Cincinnati magician Amazing Cindini at 459-7000 for price quote.


What type of magic tricks can I expect The Amazing Cindini to perform in a magic show or at a magical birthday party?


In all performances, you will see things appear, disappear and change. Maybe someone will even float! Perhaps you may see it snow indoors, even in the middle of the summer in Cincinnati Ohio!

Make this year’s birthday party magical and one your
child will never forget.


For a child’s birthday party, all of the children will participate, although the birthday child will act as Cindini's “special magical assistant” and they will be the one to make TRIX, the live rabbit, appear.

In a family show, you may likely see a signed bill or card magically appear inside a piece of fruit, or quite possibly a one-dollar bill transform into a one-hundred dollar bill. Regardless if it’s a birthday party show for a child or for the entire family, the show will have a variety of magic tricks including silks, ropes and cards, and let’s not forget that The Amazing Cindini reads minds and makes predictions of things that have been baffling her audiences for years!


Strolling Magic - Walk around - Close-up Magic

The Amazing Cindini amazes children and adults as she strolls (walks around) through the group, or table to table performing close-up magic in the hands of your guests, creating a truly memorable experience. Having strolling magic adds a special touch and is a great way to entertain large crowds. Perfect for banquets, dinner parties, birthday parties, picnics, festivals, restaurants, or any special event, indoors or out.


Magical Birthday Party Packages:
(All Age Appropriate)


Package 1


• 40 or 60 minute magic show with interactive fun for all.

• Everyone participates, although your child is the
   star of the show when they make "Trix" a little rabbit, appear!
• Magic Wands / magic hats / magic tricks / priced per child





Package 2


• 40 MINUTES of interactive magical fun and entertainment
• 20 MINUTES Magic Workshop – participants learn a magic trick

• Free Magic Wand and trick for the guest of honor.

$5.00per child for take home magic trick with magic wand.
$2.00 each additional magic wand.


Package 3 DELUXE Party Package


• 1 HOUR of magical fun and entertainment
• 40-Minute Show and 20 Minute Magic Workshop – participants
   learn a magic trick
• Includes tricks & wands for 12 children.
• A BAG OF TRICKS for the guest of honor. $25 value.

$5.00 each additional take home magic trick with magic wand.
$2.00 each additional magic wand.


Package 4 Childrens SUPER DELUXE Party


Parents sit back and relax for 2 FULL HOURS…
The children will
• be entertained with a complete magic show
• learn a magic trick & other magical activities

Package also includes
• tricks for 12 children
• a magic hat and magic wand for each child
• a BAG OF TRICKS with gemstone wand for the guest of honor.

$5.00 each additional take home magic trick along with magic wand.
$2.00 each additional magic wand.

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